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It's over!

In just over 36 hrs, Last Court. It has been a great ride. Thanks everyone!

Glorious Gulf Wars

We return triumphantly from Gulf Wars. Our 10 or so Eastern Warriors fought heroically and intelligently. Duke Andreas served admirably as Warlord of the East and our Allies were convinced that we helped turn the tide of the War. I felt much better with my fighting at Gulf than at Estrella. I had wind, my Asthma was at a minimum, and I felt strong.

Constantine and Atredies fought well and kept up as my guards, they made many marks upon our Foe. Many a Royal approached me about Constantine and how great he was doing.

Calibration at Gulf Wars is funny. They seem to take shots at the whining threshold. They don't take a touch but harder than touch sets of a cacophony of bitching about being hit too hard. The East, West, Atlantia and the Middle were considered brutes. Oh well, I guess we play a different game.

Estrella is more fun.


Flash Back

Back from an Epic Estrella

Well we are back after an Epic journey to the lands of Atenveldt. The fighting was great, though my performance was not up to my standards. I still am having troubles breathing, which lead to short stints of glorious violence followed by general milling about. I am so looking forward to getting control over this phase of asthma. I did not have the energy after the battles for any pick ups.

Our Eastern Forces looked great. Duke Andreas, Sir Alexander, & Sir Gareth were the only Eastern Chivalry to attend, my God did they make a difference. We fielded 12 to 15 Easteners in each battle. My Squires Brennan, Cullyn, Constantine and Turi, along with Cullyn's Men of Arms, Atredies and Torin handled their Estrella debut with skill and honor. Where the trouble was deepest I could be sure to find them diving in and cracking heads. Watching Brennan single handedly charge and clear a 10 man line off a Bridge was awesome this and other inspired acts throughout the War lead to his earning a King's Order of the Valiant Tyger. Constantine took command of the far right line on the redoubt battle, clearly giving commands to all (Royalty and Knights included) to maintain and regain position constantly diving into the fray himself to put down our foes. These actions earned him the Corde de Guerre from Eadric, King of Caid.

We also had the pleasure of Knighting a fine and noble warrior, Yesengee. This man will continue to make us proud, commitment to his martial skill, service to the realm, support of the arts, devotion to his Lady, Mistress Bess are just some of the qualities that make him a Knight.

That's all for now.

Warm welcome

Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome. Some of you give me far to much credit. When it come to recreational email/message boards I tend to be a voyeur. I tend to only post when I can't take it any more, and I feel my 2 ducats will be of use. Its a question of time management.

So I look forward to the tiny glimpse of your life I will see here. Our weekends are so full and there are so many interesting folks I would like to spend time with and learn from.

I figure this forum would be a great place for those what if questions to provoke discussion, so here goes.

In my time in the SCA the Society has changed drastically and so too has my perspective. If there was one thing that is now missing from the SCA and if you had the chance to bring it back/reinvent it what would it be?

“veni, vidi, vici.”

Well here I am.. now what?

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